Salvador Pinto Abreu

Debian GNU/Linux on Laptops

I've been using Linux on laptop computers for some time. Those that I had to live with, over the years, were (most recent first):

  • Dell Latitude D800
  • Dell Latitude C600
  • Dell Latitude CPx H500GT
  • Digital HiNote Ultra 2000
  • Digital HiNote Ultra 475CT

I have notes for effectively using (or trying to use) Linux on some of these laptops; just follow the link associated with the one you're interested in, you might get lucky... If you come across one of these, you may contact me if you like.

I ran all of these laptops under Debian GNU/Linux but, as the issues are mostly kernel-related, whatever information you may find should apply, regardless of distribution.

These days (2004 onward) I've been using Mac laptops, which dont have ACPI or suspend-to-RAM issues. Linux still lives close by, albeit inside a virtual machine.

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